Honoring the 'Little Ones' in Your Bridal Party

"When I was just a little girl about the size of you
I dreamed one day I'd fall in love and then get married too
So now that I am all grown up about to be a bride
I would love you Addy & Summer to be my flower girls
And be right there by my side"

Now that I'm about 8 months into wedding planning, I have to say, the hardest part has been trying to include everyone we love in some way or another.  We had to get a bit creative when it came down to all the littles ones on my side of the family.  Needless to say, we have lots of tots!

When it came to the flower girls, we decided to have two because I have two darling nephews that are going to be our ring bearers.    For the little one, we choose Summer Rose, I know, so cute!

                                       She's one of the groomsman's little girls. 

We spend alot of time with her and just adore her!  For our second, we choose my little cousin Addy who is 4.  Addy and I have always had a special bond...she totally reminds me of my 'diva' self at her age. 

I have this vision of the older one holding the little ones hand, guiding them down the aisle with big smiles on their faces and beautiful little dresses, perfectly well behaved while all of the guests look on adoringly.  However I'm realistic about the likelyhood of tears, tantrums and crushed oreo cookies plastered to their faces.  Whatever the case, I can't wait to see how the kiddos do!

We asked little Summer at her second birthday party over the summer.  Since the girls are so young, we figured it was their first time being a flower girl so we bought them their very own flower girl basket, of course the same one they'll be carrying down the aisle.  (Let's hope it's not brown by April 23, 2011)

That poem you read was what I used in asking both of the girls. I printed the poem off and for Summer, inserted it into a frame I had decorated.  Pink Pink Pink of course, to match her room. 

For project #1, the materials needed are:  Clear glass frame, pink rhinestone stickers and the inserts were created and printed out on home computer.  Total cost:  $20.


The poem you read at the beginning of the post was what I used in asking both of the girls. Found it on the internet & just tweaked it a little bit to my liking.  I then printed the poem off and for Summer, inserted it into this frame in the main part.  In the slot to the right I typed up a little insert that said, "Future Picture of the Flower Girl with the Bride."  At the wedding we'll take a photo together and I'll get it printed out for her to put in the frame.  The decor for the frame had to be Pink Pink Pink to match her adorable room. 

For Addy, we simplified the process so this will give you another option if you don't have the time needed to dedicate to project #1.  Materials needed:  5x7 photo of you with the little one and a printer.  Simple, easy and (keyword) still personalized. 

I printed off the poem and glued it to the back of the photo then slid it into the envelope.  We then wrapped up her little flower girl basket for her to open up.


Me & Addy with her little sister, Hayden

I have a few other tots that are a few years older than the rest of the brood; Reese & Peyton.  They are both absolutely adorable and very well mannered.  Ok, maybe not Peyton so much...but that just comes with men in general.
Beautiful Reese

Rowdy Peyton

  You know how most people think getting assigned to the guestbook is SO lame and they really don't want the duty, but say yes and smile to appease the bride?  Well, we avoided that issue all together.  We decided to switch it up a bit and have the two older kids be our guestbook attendants!  They'll match the rest of the tots which I hope will make them feel special and included.  I know their smiling faces will really bring some 'cheer & cuteness' to the typically boring guest book table, and I'm really excited to have them be a part of our big day!

Signing off for now...tootles!