Peacock Feathers Ordered....Check!

Since the fiance has slowed down at work this winter season (he's the director of golf at a course here in town)...he has been hard at work hunting down the best online deals of the season.  Due to the funky decor for our big day, a few things are only purchase-able online.  Is purchase-able a word...nope, don't think so.

If you've been following my blog you've probably already figured out that our big day decor is centered around the oh so beautiful peacock feather.  I fell in love with the colors; the metallic golds, deep purples and beautiful greens and most of all I fell in love with the eccentric touch the feather will add to many aspects of the decor.  It all started with this beautiful dress that my beautiful bridesmaids are each wearing....the dress totally syncs with all the peacock decor.

Saw it at a runway bridal event....and it was love at first site.  I wanted to be selfish and buy it for myself.  Instead I bought it for each of my gals.  Bari Jay is the designer and got each of them for UNDER $150, freakin' hot and I love 'em.  Check his looks out at
For any other peacock brides out there, the fiance and I have scoured every possible feather website you can find out there in cyberspace and decided the cheapest and most legit was  We were able to order 300, yes 300 for only $100 bucks (including shipping).  If we would have purchased at Hobby Lobby or any craft store in town, we would have paid $300 at minimum.  Thank you world wide web.
We are using the feather in several different locations:  A touch in the centerpieces, a few in each bouquet, formal invites and one of my favorite places--the boutonniere.

Love this pic because it features the boutonniere on khaki and we're using khaki suits for the fab men in the bridal party.  (Sidenote:  We found the suits at a local JC Penny Outlet store for under $400 for all FOUR of them, yes you read me correct folks, ALL FOUR OF THEM

With the amount of time I've spent scouring the web, i've come across lots of brides asking where the best deals can be found.  I hope with this blog I can help other bride-to-be's save every $$$$$ possible with different tips here and there.  The key is DIY....Do It Yourself.  That time you spend on crafty little wedding projects, working with loved ones & sipping on Vino, is so rewarding not only for your relationships......but for the pocketbook


Save The Dates ~ Check!

Wow, had no idea that it would take like a month from start to finish to get the STD's in the mail.  Starts with the engagement pic selection.  Hmmm, 60 to dwindle down to four.  We choose a super cute STD off  Love. it.  I could spend hours on their site.  If you're looking for different wedding ideas, including invites, etc.  Fo sho, check them out.  Super eccentric and so many different styles.  We finally decided on this one:

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Simple, classic and elegant. 

I have to admit that I searched and searched for a STD with a peacock feather theme but was unsuccessful.  There were a few, but a bit tacky looking.  Peacock feather wedding decor walks a fine line of classy and tacky.  Have to be careful there. However, I was able to keep in theme with the wedding as I went with the gold color.  I'm playing off of the shimmery gold in the feather with reception decor.

Thankfully my wonderful fiance helped in gathering addresses over the past month and even helped sticking on the gizillion labels.  They say it's not proper etiquette to use address labels, that you're supposed to handwrite each one.  Forget. that.  I've never been a 'proper' kind of gal anyhow. Why start now?

The new and improved blog.

I seriously thought I was going to lose my job today due to the amount of time I spent studying and scouring the web in an attempt to figure out how to make this damn blog look cute.  I couldn't help it, but once I got started, I HAD to finish.  Procrastination has never been my downfall, except for in college when The Salt Mine beer garden occupied my free time. Oh, those were the good 'ol days. 

My motivation to get this blogs booty in gear came from some super cute blogs I came across of other brides-to-be.  I'm thinking it must've been some down south, southern charm bridal community because they were all 'followers' of one another, all totally adorable and ALL displayed their southern charm with the regular usage of, y'all.  Check them out-super cute.





And...the list could go ON and ON...
Anyway, after seeing these super fab blogs I decided I really needed to jump on the donkey and get mine up to par.  So here we are. (FYI, I made up the whole jump on the donkey thing..don't say that in real life.)

Leave me some love and tell me what you think of the new format...because the blog is sort of founded on love. Capiche? 

Have a great night yall! 

.....Nope...still not workin' for me.
Testing out my new email blog posting tool to see how it works.  And....apparently it works great!  Wore these earrings for our engagement photos last month.  Love. Them.
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