Wedding Shoe Dilemma = SOLVED

Wow. 17 Days. Wow.  I honestly can't believe it until I say it out loud.  Excited doesn't do my emotions justice.  Ecstatic is more like it.  I get to marry, honestly my best friend.  I genuinely feel like the luckiest girl in the world and that's a pretty cool feeling.

And, I digress.

On to the topic of the post is the ultimate dilemma a bride faces....SHOES.  They can be a make it or break it piece to the day.  As my friends know i'm a gal that lives by 'the higher the heel, the better the look' motto.  But when it came to my wedding day shoes, I just couldn't stomach the thought of walking around in stilts all damn day.

I have to admit though, I still tried on every heel I saw....tried mulitiple times to convince myself that heels are just way cuter and I just needed to deal with the pain.  So I tried on...

What, doesn't every bride want to look like a Vegas dancer?

(Waaayyyy to traditional for a very NON traditional bride)
Product Image
These just strike me as AWKWARD looking

And then.....I spotted a shoe that was totally NOT what I had envisioned.  But they were PERFECT.  Wild, crazy and covered in rhinestones. 

Candie's Mila Gladiator Thong Sandals
I'm probably the ONLY bride that will wear rhinestone gladiator sandals on her wedding day, and I love 'em.

Dilemma. Solved.