Stuffed, stamped and IN THE MAIL.

Thank. God.  We assembled, we drank, we hot glued, we drank, I handwrote every address, I drank, we stamped, we drank, I stuffed and......a celebratory 'drank' is in order for this evening once I drop off the invitations at the POST OFFICE. 

Thanks to all who helped.....the finished product was WELL WORTH all the blood, sweat and tears involved.  Ok, no blood, but it sounds so much more dramatic.

Hope the invit---ees love 'em as much as I do!

A necessity:  booze

Step one:  Cut each ivory sheet of cardstock in half

Short peacock feathers purchased for wholesale price online

Not a must, but my wonderful Madre did iron each piece of ribbon to make sure they were as beautiful as possible 

Step Two:  Hot glue peacock feather FIRST.  Then hot glue the piece of ribbon on the back of gold sheeet on each side

Step three:  Once feather and ribbon are hot glued to gold metallic sheet, using glue dots (purchased from Hobby Lobby), attach the gold sheet to the cut piece of ivory cardstock. 

Then take a break to play the rubber penis circle toss game
(see background)
Matching metallic gold envelopes, purchased online from (Note:  Can't find these suckers in a store)
I'm an animal LOVER (especially rescue animals)  so I had to go with these shelter pet stamps for the invites and reply cards.  I'm also obsessive compulsive, so I hand picked each stamp based on each invitee's personality. 
Now you understand why I drank so much.
Another necessity:  A wonderful team!

Leave me some love and tell me what you think!

These wedding invitations are going to be the death of me.

A few months back I started thinking about the invites and what 'look' I was going for.  I wanted funky, eccentric but classic and elegant at the same time.  While scrolling thru cyberworld I came across this one and FELL. IN. LOVE.

However as my fellow brides know, wedding invitations can put your ass in debt real quick if you don't reign it in.  For instance, this UNASSEMBLED kit would cost approximately $700 for just enough for 100 invitations.  Key word, UNASSEMBLED. 

Needless to say, the decision to take the DIY route for the invites was a very easy one.  On the flip side, if you decide to tackle the mountainous feat of doing each wedding invitation by hand, you better hope you have the following:
  • A wonderful mother who is just as crazy as you are to be your support
  • Fabulously devoted bridesmaids to help you not stab yourself in the eye with scissors
  • Many bottles of cheap ass vino
  • TIME, TIME and MORE TIME, like we're talking weeks
Thankfully I had the holidays to get a jumpstart, but this Saturday is D-day. The day where all the girls are coming over, the day where I see these puppies all come together beautifully (notice how I left out the word hopefully) and the day where we consume more wine than a lady should in a months time.  Hopefully we're not throwing glue sticks at one another and strangling ourselves with ribbon at days end.

Wish us luck.  Because believe me, we'll need it.