RESOLVED: Pre-Wedding Thank You Notes...

We recently got our FIRST wedding gift in the mail and let me just tell we were super pumped!  It's like your birthday and Christmas all wrapped up into one everytime you walk up to your front door and see that beautiful UPS box sitting there. 

After we opened the gift and got all of our new silverware all put away, I realized....shit.  I don't have thank you cards yet! 

I went to Target and perused the card aisle which ended in disappointment because with my over the top personality, nothing generic is quite good enough. 

A few days later, here I was sitting at my dining room table having total deja vu of the fiasco that was our homemade wedding invitations.  Yes, they turned out fucking phenomenal, but not without much lost sleep due to crazy anxiety for several weeks.  Lucky for me, I had already laid the creative groundwork for what was to come....

Hot Glue Gun (leftover from the invites)
Glue Dots(leftovers)
Small Peacock Feathers (leftovers)
Metallic Gold Paper (leftovers)
Dark Purple Ribbon - $3
Ivory Blank Greeting Card Kit - $10
0.5 mm Black Sharpie - $3
TOTAL - $16!!
Love Them!

And there ya have it.  Matching thank you notes to the fantastic invites.  Best part:  under $20 bucks.

Peacock thank you cards....yes please.

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