Survey says.......Solid VS Paisley Ties?

I desperately need my small congregation of followers to help me in deciding which ties to choose for our oh so foxy groomsmen, dad's and brothers.  A few facts I think you should know....the flower girls will be in dark purple polka dot dresses....ring bearers in solid dark purple bow ties and suspenders.  I know, fucking cute.

Now, to sketch a picture of what our men will be wearing:  Khaki suits with light pinstripe pattern....a little like this....

They will have this pinned on the lapel....

Now, here's where I need YOUR help....solid dark purple tie or dark purple paisley?

The fiance & I are divided on  this one....he loes paisley, I love solid.  Help us form a truce.


  1. I think i'm going to have to side with Jon on this one... I kinda love the paisley... I think it would give the khaki suits some super-sweet texture/contrast...

    But then again, your "lapel" picture isn't loading (fyi)... so I can't see what they'll be wearing there. in which case, I might like the "simply solid" look better... :)


  2. LOVE IT!!!! you are going to have such a fabulous wedding. I kind of like the paisley too :) although I think either one would be awesome - love love love the lapel for the boys - what a great idea! <3 marcie

  3. I will say I am siding with the paisley one too! I agree with Erin that it will give some flair to the suits. So can't wait to see it all put together in just a month and half!