What...I have to come up with Rehearsal Dinner invites...No f'ing way!!

This is exactly what went thru my head when it occurred to me that I had to come up with yet ANOTHER invite.  I was so f'ing invite-ed OUT after the damn wedding invites, so I totally dreaded this task.  Thinking about it made me want to stab my eyeball with a fork.  Gruesome, I know.  

However, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun, easy and super cute they turned out!

Our fabulous photographer (check her out here) did a blow your socks off job on our engagement pics that I decided to tap into the more eccentric ones and use them for our rehearsal invites. 

Supplies needed:  8x10 photo paper, Microsoft Powerpoint and some scissors....oh and a super fab photographer.  Total cost:  $20.  Can't beat it!

The one we decided to use

Second place, but still kind of my favorite

I wasn't planning on telling anyone, but you gotta give credit where credit is due, so I did find the poem online somewhere via google.  It was just too damn cute not to use!  I tweaked a few parts and here she is...

Jon popped the question and Anne said yes
All the planning is over from  the decor to the dress
Only one thing remains for this day to be great
Practice makes Perfect
April 22nd is the date

We'll practice out the ceremony
And iron out the kinks
Then it's off to the Mercantile Winery
For some dinner and some drinks
Please join the Bride & Groom to be
At 6:00 for a rehearsal
The Elms Resort

Simple, to the point but not skimping on cuteness. 

P.S.  We had a super tough job at deciding which to use and ended up going with the first one.  How we decided?  Took a household vote, the tie breaker vote being my 2 and 4 year old adorable nephews.  They said, "Annie, we like the this one because of the colors."  I'm a sucker so the decision was made. Black and white was out and the colorful one was in. 

Did we make the right choice?

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